Increase Staff Productivity

Through her training programs, Jill D Miller can help you and your staff increase productivity, ​work together more effectively, and have better relationships with your customers. 

It’s easy to give your team the skills they need to compete. Select one or more of the Creative Solutions classes or have one created specifically for your needs. 

​All classes are interactive, allowing participants to discover new ideas and create applicable strategies. Training materials are provided with each seminar as a reference guide. 



Conflict Solutions

Conflict is not a problem in itself – it’s what we do with it that counts. Turn your organization’s frustrations into fulfillment and discover how this important leadership skill can improve communication, morale, performance, and trust. 

​Learn the common causes of conflict, how to approach confrontations, and how to utilize conflict to build a powerful team.

Consultative Selling

People love to buy and hate to be sold. Don't be "pushy"; give your clients solutions to their problems. Learn to ask the right questions to uncover needs, how to recognize the answers, and how to see the opportunities for success.

Communicating with Clients

One of the most difficult things about working with clients is that everyone is different. Learn how to connect with clients and develop skills to create profitable professional relationships.

Creative Time Management

Most time management classes try to give cookie cutter solutions that may not work for everyone. Learn how to make the most of the time tamers and combat the time wasters.

Effective Communications

The most essential ingredient for a successful team is effective communications skills. Learn how to improve your relationships with tools to be a more active listener and manage difficult conversations.

Inspirational Leadership

Drive your organization to higher levels of cooperation and success by motivating your team with the insights and skills that separate leaders from bosses. Learn how to help your team perform at their peak and how you can inspire others.

Internal Locomotion

Motivation is the key to making things happen in your life. Learn how to achieve what you want out of life, and how to get re-energized about your career.

Life is a Balancing Act

One of the most pressing challenges we face in business today is how to find a balance between work and everything else. Learn practical tips to organize priorities, reduce stress, and make work/life balance a regular part of your day-to-day life.

Making Connections

Expand your own network and make new connections through effective networking skills. Discover practical tips and enhance your relationship building skills to meet new friends and improve business relationships.

Presentation Basics

Whether you’re presenting suggestions to customers, information to coworkers, or facts to any audience, the ability to present your ideas is important to success. Learn how to get your points across faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence.

Selling Secrets

Great salespeople and made, not born. Solve the enigma of getting a “yes” answer and discover how to read your customer’s mind, conquer objections, and make the sale without being pushy.

Smart Scents: How Aromatherapy Works for You

Heard all the hype but still don’t really know what it all means? In this hands-on seminar you will learn why aromatherapy works, how to work with essential oils, how to create personal blends, and how to incorporate aromatherapy into your services and business. This seminar also includes your own personal blend massage oil, mixed in class, for you to take home.

Teach Smart Series

This series of seven, two-hour classes is designed for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills for teaching learner-centered training programs to adult learners. Discover how adults learn and retain information, how to communicate with your audience, and what your audience is telling you.
Refine your presentation skills and learn how to develop more effective programs. (This program has been approved by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology for Cosmetology School Instructor Continuing Education Hours.)